Departments Events

Design Engineering Seminar

Computer Department has organized seminar on Design Engineering. Prof. P.R.Detroja has awarded students to think the way what society needs, what are the actual requirements of the people and what they want. To solve current problem came with best possible solution they have and that must be beneficial to society as well as students.

Teachers Day Celebration

Om Engineering College has celebtated teachers day. Students have participated enthusiastically and perform their duties at their best level. Students have enjoyed it and many students got the exposure to speak among the students in the classroom. In many lectures, students have shown few real life charts and took practical sessions which improved their teachings and they have easily conveyed the subjective topic. It has raised the interest in study and developed many qualities among students like team work, leadership, self-learning, self-reading punctuality, honesty and many other qualities. Students have enjoyed a lot and celebrated the day by cutting a cake with head of the department as well as other staff members. They have remembered the Dr. Radhakrushnan set a bench mark to all teachers and aspiring teachers.

Live Demonstration on Amazon Cloud service

Computer Department has organized Live Demonstration on Amazon Cloud service for students. Prof. D.R.Kothadiya has conducted Seminar to familiar with cloud environment and different services provided by different company like Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure etc. And also be aware about certification available in cloud computing.

PlayAlgo @ Spectrom 2k17

In PlayAlgo event, 29+ students from different colleges were participated. During event all the students are provided chits of numbers. Participants have to arrange as per instruction (Ascending or Descending). Practically performing sorting algorithms via playing a game is a creative idea. By doing this participants are motivated to learn various algorithms.

Code Optimization @ Spectrom 2k17

In CODE OPTIMIZATION event , 20+ students from different colleges were participated.During event all the students test their knowledge and try best to optimize code.Due to this event , Self-confidence , Knowledge, skill & the ability to face the challenges of practical C programming problems are upgrade and goes to positive direction.