Departments Events

DaVinchi Code @spectrom2k18

Main purpose of this event is to recall the programming knowledge of how they can find the code and make a program as soon as possible with using clues. This is important when programmer a working on any live project when there is a complex programming and in developing a web-site, application as they can relate in minimum time.

PlayAlgo @spectrom2k18

PlayAlgo is an event in which students would have fun via playing games using the algorithm.Participants can apply algorithmic strategies and win the battle. This is an event in which Mathematical background and Numerical ability of the students can be improved. Here each participant are provided chits of numbers. Participants have to arrange as per instruction (Ascending or Descending). 89 participants were present out of them 3 students secured 1st, 2nd and 3rd rank.

CodeOptimiation @spectrom2k18

Code optimization -The event in which the skills of programmer in aspects of how the programmer reduces the given code. This event defines the programming skill of a student. Using this skill studnets know to write program code more effective, program execution faster, less memory utilization and easy to understand.

Tower of Hanoi @spectrom2k18

Main purpose to encourage students by realizing the Dynamic thinking ability they have and to experiencing them to handle the situation at runtime, also introduce the importance of the Tower Hanoi with fun because we know that it is used in psychological research. 13 out of 51 participant won thi fun game with completion in time with minimum moves.

Logo Quiz @spectrom2k18

LogoQuiz is Technical/Non-Technical a game in which students has knowledge about various logo and surfing strategy. Participants have enthusiastically participated in the event. Various Logos are identified by students like company logo, brand logo and all types of logo which they were aware of in their daily life. 137 participants were present out of them 3 students secured 1st, 2nd and 3rd rank.