Dynamic Web Development

Department of computer engineering organized workshop on Web Developing tools and language like as CSS3, HTML5, PHP5,PHPMYADMIN, and Bootstrap. After attending workshop students got knowledge about, How we can design and create dynamic website project with admin panel? What is the latest technology running in Software Company right now? also became familiar with Dynamic website principles that relate to web design and learn how to implement these theories into practice.

Faculty Development Workshop on Android Technology

Computer Department has organized faculty development programme on Android Technology. Prof. M. M. Jani has provided knowledge about how to develop simple mobile application using android technology. Each faculty member get knowledge about Android Technology. Android devices are rapidly used nowadays. Though it is essential to learn android technology.

Unity 3D

Computer Department has organized workshop on UNITY 3D. Prof. M.J.Rathod has delivered knowledge about Unity Technologies, which is primarily used to develop games and simulations for computers, consoles and mobile devices.

Android App Development Workshop

Computer Department has organized workshop on Android Technology. Mr. Abhishek Poojara and Mr. Jay Poojara founder of Sky9 I.T. Craft have conducted this workshop and shared their valuable knowledge on android application development. At the end of workshop students are capable to develop real time android application.

Graphics Design with iOS Application Development

A workshop was arranged on Graphics Design with iOS Application Development by Om College of Engineering Computer Department. Here we are talking about Web or Mobile UI design and iOS application Development. For better user experience; interface design needs to be simple, efficient and mainly looking quite impressive. For that we used CoralDRAW and Photoshop for designing and XCode for iOS App Development. This report is on Graphics Design with iOS application Development and workshop conducted in Om Engineering College.