Industrial Tour


Recently on 12th September 2018, Diploma 5th Semester students visited Kutch Lignite Thermal Power Station (KLTPS) is located near Panandhro village in Lakhpat taluka on the Kutch District, Gujarat.Students get the knowledge about the components of thermal power plant and its construction. The visit greatly encouraged the students as they knew how an engineer can use his skills to the industries to benefit society and self.

Adani Port, Mundra

Diploma 5th semester civil engineering students visited adani port mundra on 11th September 2018. An objective of the industrial visit is to provide students an insight regarding the internal working of companies. Students came to learn various aspects of adani port like port site, jetty, various crane, thermal power stations, capacity of jetty, brakwater, components of docks etc.

Sidhee Cement

Cement is one of the basis in the modern construction works so it is very important to learn the basic manufacturing process of cement. So Department of Civil decided to take students for visit of Cement manufacturing company. Recently Civil department had visited Sidhee Cement at Sutrapada, in Veraval District. From 4th Semester of Degree and diploma get the basic knowledge of cement manufacturing process from industrial visit of Sidhee Cement.

Filtration Plant

On 20th February 2018 Department of Civil Engineering has organised a visit to Water Treatment Plant, at Baliyavad Village. From the visit students of 6th Semester learned about how raw water is treated and how water is distributed in different village. Also subject like water supply and sanitary engineering requires knowledge about how components of filtration plant are constructed.

Sewage Treatment Plant

On 20th February 2018 Department of Civil Engineering has organised a visit to Waste Water Treatment Plant, at Baliyavad Village. The waste water treatment plant is set up by Jetpur Dyeing and Printing Association which is called a Common Effluent Treatment Plant [CETP] at Bhat Gam Bhesan Taluka, Gujarat, India. Students learned about the different component of plant like Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, Aeration Tank, Disinfection unit, Sludge Digestion etc...under the guidance of Mr. Gondaliya.