Idea Project Lab

GSM Based Home Automation

The project aims at a system allowing user to control home based appliances through Sms along with acknowledgements. Here user need not switch home appliances on and off manually.Our system allows user to operate these devices through sms, also the status weather the device is switched on or not is sent to user via a return sms

Automatic Cooling Unit

Automatic cooling unit is a system typically delivers a controlled amount of coolant to specific locations on a machine while the machine is operating, at specific times from a central location. When the temperature at the work piece is increased above the reference temperature.

Automatic Traffic Signal Controller

Automatic Traffic Signal Controller was made up with AT89s51 Microcontroller. As the number of roads users constantly increase and resources provided limited, Automatic Traffic Signal Controller is major Requirement.


This project is based on the automatic liquid filling in the object like glass, bottle, cup etc. This can do all in time duration, which is stored in microcontroller. Here the water pump and motor gets the signal from the microcontroller through the relay driver circuit. Microcontroller takes the signal from its sensors.