Departments Events


ELECTOM LED: In these event approximately 115 students from different colleges was participated. This event is for improvement of their technical knowledge in the field of electrical and electronics Engineering for the students. During event all the students has made LED-Lamp. Many students had successfully made LED-bulb and at the end we declare 1st and 2nd rank in event.

Electom PCB & Circuit Design

Elctrom PCB & Circuit Design: Main purpose of this event how to implement Circuit on a Panel Circuit Board & design, fabricated a single-side or double side printed circuit board. This event provides a platform to the student how circuit is made on PCB and run in actual condition with given circuit.

Battle of Bread Board SPECTROM 2K18

Every year OM Engineering College organised National Level Technical Event for all engineering & other course. In Electrical Department organized Electom Battle of Bread Board event. There were approximately 48 students from different colleges students participated. In final round teams will be given bread board and components and will have to make a circuit using 555 TIMER IC.


Department of ELECTRICAL Engineering has organized this event in a mega technical event "SPECTROM - 2K17"to make student familiar with practical knowledge and actual working of Breadboard with given components. In this event 52 students have been participated. This event provides a platform to the student about hardware simulation of the circuit on breadboard.


department of Electrical engineering has organized technical event ELECTOM LED in mega technical event "SPECTROM 2K17" to improvement the student's interest in area of power saving electrical products. The main objective of the event was to design energy efficient LED-Bulb suitable for house-hold purpose. In this event 90 students have been participated & many of them had been successful to achieve the given objective.