Idea Project Lab

PLC Work Shop

The main objective of this idea lab was to encourage students to make innovative projects to serve society better. We are arranging special classes for the same topics/software to make students understand about the recent scenario of the industry requirements called skill development.

Remote Operated Home Appliances

This project is live application of micro controller and Used to control railway crossing , traffic signal, industrial and Domestic application etc by a single remote from some distance. It is used to number of domestic appliances operated with used of only one remote like Fan, lamp, tube light, Television Motor etc.

Advanced Godown Wiring Working Model

This project basic concept of saving of energy. Here simple demo working model of wiring concept. In this demo model contain four room and each room have light. When person go one to another room there will no need to light on first room, so here done typical wiring of two way switch concept. When person ON another room switch automatically first room switch OFF.

Solar Mobile Charger

This is solar mobile charger which generates electrical energy from the solar energy and we use this energy to charge our mobile. In this project we use voltage regulator IC (LM317), Resistor, Transistor (BC548) and diode which gives constant output voltage across the pin of mobile charger.

West out of best with Energy Saving

This project basic concept of saving of energy. It is the best example of use of west material like damage CFL lamp circuit. In this project CFL damage circuit is used to operate tube light with lower power rating and reduce 5 to 6 % capital cost of tube light