Industrial Tour

Indusry visit at Adani Mundar

Department of Electrical Engineering organized industry visit of degree and diploma students. It is successfully completed at Adani Foundation Project Unda at Mundra.

66kV SUBSTATION, Dolatpara

We know that the Substation is a subsidiary station of an electricity transmission and distribution system where voltage is transformed from high to low or the reverse using transformers. For this purpose the student of 4th semester Diploma visited Substation. Substation in charge (Junior Engineer) explained all the equipment like bus bar, transformer, insulator, circuit breaker etc.. End of the visit Student got the information and practical knowledge about the transmission & distribution.

Solar Power Plant, Mervadar-Upleta

Electrical 4th semester student want to know about the generation, transmission & distribution. So for this purpose we have to decide visit on Solar power plant which is located near Mervadar Tal: Upleta Dist: Rajkot. Here approximate generate 25MW by use of Solar plate. From this visit student got practical idea related Solar Power generation.


Students of Electrical Department have visited Solar power plant which is developed by state mineral and mining PSU Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation (GMDC) at pandhro - Kutch. A solar power plant is based on the conversion of sunlight into electricity directly using photovoltaic (PV) solar panel. Total power plant capacity is 5 MW and plant is set up on the reclaimed land of mined out pits.


Students of Electrical Department have visited Pandhro lignite thermal power plant which is located near pandhro village in Lakhpat taluka in kutch. The plant is adjacent of lignite mines (operated by Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation) and receives lignite direct from the mines. There are four units presently in operation and Thermal power plant capacity is 290 MW.