Microsoft Kinect Sensor X-Box 360

Microsoft kinect contains a normal RGB camera, a depth sensor and a four- microphone array, which are able to provide depth signals, RGB images, and audio signals simultaneously.

Automation in Industry

AUTOMATION is basically the delegation of human control functions to technical equipment aimed towards achieving Higher productivity, Superior quality of end product, Efficient usage of energy and raw materials, Improved safety in working conditions.

Workshop on PLC & SCADA

PLC & SCADA is a control system architecture that uses computers, networked data communications and graphical user interfaces for high-level process supervisory management.


Department of ELECTRICAL engineering had organize the 2 days skill development workshop on PLC & ITS APPLICATION. PLC play a vital role in can manage and control entire industry to produce better and quick Response.Objective of the workshop is to give the hands on training of PLC & its programming to the students. At the end of the workshop students are very much clear about the use of PLC & its application in industry.

Workshop on Electrical Safety

Main objective of this workshop is to make students aware about the safety require during the working in the field of electrical engineering. Safety is more essential part of the any electrical field work, most of the accidents or damages are occurs due to the lake of the safety knowledge. In this workshop students learn about the precaution and safety measure that should be taken care while handling conducting material to avoid the accidents.