Departments Events

Aqua 2K18

Aqua is an event in which participants will have to design a boat using different material which can able to sustain air resistance and able to complete specific activity within given time. While the idea is for these small Boat to ferry packages and humans about the city, they could also be used to create on demand bridges or landing stages, according to the verge.

Belista X - Bow

Belista X - Bow is an event in which participants will have to design an X bow using elastic, torsional or any other mechanism capable of hitting a given target with variable height and distance.

Placement Drive of DAB Handling Bhuj

Department of Mechanical arranged placement drive of DAB Handling Bhuj on date of 23rd January 2018. In this placement drive more than 25 students were participated and got best opportunity for job. In this placement drive company require engineers for different departments like production, quality control, maintenance etc.


Under the umbrella of the Business acceleration and start-up cell, OM engineering college organized 3 days workshop on ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARENESS CAMP dated 3rd -5th January, 2018. In the workshop 83 students from different discipline and different colleges take part and gathered information regarding entrepreneurship.

Mega Placement Drive 2017

Department of Mechanical Engineering arranged Mega Placement Drive 2017 on dated of 20th and 21st June 2017. Different regions more than 24 companies were came on our college campus and more than 375 students were participated form different 25 engineering colleges.