Expert Talk

Developments in Biodiesel Production

Mr. Himanshu Choksi given expert lecture on Recent Developments in Biodiesel Production on 14-July, 2017 which is attend by more than 90 students. From this Expert Talk students can improve their subjective deep knowledge of chemical process industries, research and analysis & understand importance of Environmental sustainability.

Nano Technology

There were 100 students attended expert talk on introduction to chemical engineering based nano technology. Prof. K. D. DESAI was expertized their knowledge about nano technology. The objective of this expert talk was to improve the knowledge about engineering research, analysis and modern technologies.

Contributor Personality Development Program

Prof. Akash Thakkar given expert lecture on contributor personality development on 5-march, 2015. Through this talk, students curiosity of learning will be improved. The Combination of effectiveness with human values is crystallized in the concept of contributor ship.