Departments Events

Quiz Competition-2018

Department of chemical engineering with GIC club has organized Quiz Competition to celebrate engineers day on 15th September 2018.There are about 20 students taking part in the quiz competition.Participants are played quiz competition in two rounds.First round is technical round and second round is non technical round. In technical round There are question regarding subject of chemical engineering and in non technical round question related to general knowledge.1st rank of the competition is Jayesh Madam of 5th sem, 2nd rank is Jay Chudasama of 7th sem and 3rd rank is Hiren Savaliya of 7th sem.

Project Presentation-2018

Chemical Engineering Department has organized Project Presentation on 14th August,2018 for final year student of Department of Chemical Engineering. The aim of this presentation is to showcase their project work and ideas to other students & improve their presentation skill. 51 students of Chemical Engineering Department had actively participated in the event and showcased their project by presentation.

Chemical Fuel Car-SpectrOM-18

Department of Chemical Engineering was organized Chemical Fuel Car event in Spectrom-18. In the event total participants are 28 groups in which there were Maximum 3 Participants, Total 77 students were participanted. The winning Students has prepared amazing car which cover distance of 15m under 3.72 seconds.

Magic Show-SpectrOM-18

Department of Chemical Engineering was organized Magic Show event in Spectrom-18. There were about 16 participants take parts into event. Students presented the magic with chemical and shown their skill like the hand on fire, hard rock float on the water etc, with help of chemicals.


Department of chemical engineering was organized Magic Show event. There were about 20 participants take parts into event. Here students have to make magic with the help of chemicals. Students presented the magnificent show of magic with chemical and shown the hand on fire, hard rock float on the water etc. Students understood importance of chemicals also importance of group work, presentation skill & creativity.