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This site is created for final year in diploma computer engg. using this site our friends can send any type of SMS or Syari to other his/her friends

This site is created without any expectation of benifit.This Home Page layout makes a great starting point for your website. Virtually all of the content is customizable, including the images, the text, and the links. You can decide whether to keep the existing graphics or swap them out for pictures of your own

Savar Kundla is a city and a municipality in Amreli district,Gujarat,India. It is a twin city that formed when the cities of Savar and Kundla merged. Savar Kundla is also the name of a taluka in Amreli district. There are 84 villages in this taluka, including Gadhakda,Ramgadh, Vijpadi, Vanda,Juna Savar, Bhuva, and others.