Departments Events


Department of ELECTRICAL Engineering has organized this event in a mega technical event "SPECTROM - 2K17"to make student familiar with practical knowledge and actual working of Breadboard with given components. In this event 52 students have been participated. This event provides a platform to the student about hardware simulation of the circuit on breadboard.


Department of Electrical engineering has organized this event in mega technical event SPECTROM 2K17 for the students who wish to design and fabricated a single-side or double side printed circuit board. This event provides a platform to the student how circuit is made on PCB and run in actual condition with given circuit.

Seminar On Interview Techniques

By Conducting this expert talk students have learned about how to prepare for interview and what care should be taken while giving interview.

Electro PCB Circuit

in this event participants have to design and make PCB circuit. students were given PCB and other components and they have to design PCB and solder the components on it and make circuit working and after the event winner was awarded by gift.

Energy Audit and Conservation

energy audit is used in large industries to check the usage of total energy. next step is to identify where energy can be saved. in the event participant were given some area of college for audit and after that they have made the report.