Idea Project Lab

Motor Control Center

motor control center is very useful in large industries where there are many motors running. motor control center control all motors from a single place and also it can automatically on/off motors whenever required.


this project is used to control different appliances using mobile phone. appliances are connected to receiver circuit. main benefit of this project is that we can even control our appliances from any where using our mobile phone.

Remote Controlled Home Appliances

this project is useful in home or office where anyone can control home appliance like tube light, fan with TV remote. appliances can be controlled from upto 15 foot.

Motor Control Center

Motor Control Center is very useful in industries where interlocking is required between all machines to prevent faults and hazardous condition. this control center is used to control every machine from one place.

working model of sub station

An electric supply system consists of three principal components viz the power station, the transmission lines and the distribution system.

Here we describe about distribution substation in distribution system. Generally distribution substation is a step down substation.