List of OM's Events

A college festival is not just for fun, it adds value to a student’s learning experience.
The students can enhance their knowledge by participating in events.

College Away Day


Working as a team has always remained a key reason of our success and we have made it possible by taking our faculty members closer as a family and not just as coworkers. Colleges Away Day is one such opportunity for all the staff memebers to come closer to each other and spend one whole day away from college to just fully enjoy and celebrate each other's company. Om Parivar organized one such college away day last year wherein all the teaching and non teaching staff was invited to come with their family memebers. Such days increase the intensity of relationship amongst the staff members which ultimately works in making a very strong team. And we are proud to say that we have got a very strong team over the years.



Om Engineering campus has always motivated and encouraged students to participate in various cultural events as a part of which the students of the institute actively and lively celebrate Navaratrom every year. The Om Parivar appreciates students' best performance by giving them the attarctive prizes as Prince and Princess of the Navaratri celebration.

Two days International Robotics workshop "Robo-Electronica"


In 21th century, technology embedded systems and robotics industry requires a vast pool of educated and skilled manpower to sustain its impressive growth rate so OM Engineeirng Electrical Department orgenised Two days International Robotics workshop "Robo-Electronica". and skilled manpower to sustain its impressive growth rate. In this robotic workshop experts provide the knowledge on robotics and arranged a compititon. Around more than 7 different college and total 131 student were participated. Among them 3 teams from Om Engineering College were winner. These students get a chance to participate in the closed event RoboZest-15 at IIT Delhi.

Teacher's Day


Teacher's Days are intended to be special days for the appreciation of teachers, and may include celebrations to honor them for their special contributions in a particular field area, or the community in general. The date on which Teachers' day is celebrated varies from country to country.

On this Special day Students Decorate their classes. In Starting Session, Students deliver Lectures of different Subject and they have been judge by Faculties.

Thalassemia Test


OM ENGINEERING COLLEGE, a milestone for every successful engineer runs by OM education trust has organized "THALLASSEMIA TEST" every year for 1 st year engineering students as a part of their curriculum. We have invited "Shree Jivan Prakash Voluntary Blood Bank" for to be a part of the activity. 1st year student have participated actively & enthusiastically in the THALLASSEMIA test. Over 180 students have done the THALLASSEMIA test.