Insurance for students

Om Enginerring College has tied up with for Group Insurance of all students whereby the students shall be provided with Group Insurance under Personal Accident Policy to cover the following benefits:

Group insurance of Students and first Earning Parents

Institute provides Accident Insurance of Rs. 1 Lac (for Students and first Earning Parents ( upto age of 70 years) and Accidental Medical Insurance of Rs 15000/-(for Students)

  • Accident Insurance of Rs. 1 Lac

    Benefits offered -AD (After Death) /PPD(Permanent Partial Disablement) /PTD (Permanent Total Disablement)for students and AD/PTD for Parents (Fixed Rs. 1 Lac)

    Description of Insured Only Students and Parents(first earning parents as per school register) of the education institute are covered

  • Accidental Medical Insurance of Rs 15000/-

    Benefits Offered - Accidental Medical Insurance Fixed up to Rs 15000/- Only Hospitalization , Minimum 24 hrs In patient hospitalization and Rs 5,000/- for OPD Treatment or actual claims whichever is lower (Applicable for students only)

  • Claims documents:

    1. Our claim form duly completed and signed for on behalf of the insured person.
    2. Original Bills & receipts (Only in reimbursement benefit) otherwise Photocopy of Bills (including but not limited to pharmacy purchase bill, consultation bill, diagnostic bill) and any attachments thereto like receipts or prescriptions in support of treatment taken.
    3. All reports, including but not limited to all medical reports, case histories, investigation reports, treatment papers, discharge summaries.
    4. A precise diagnosis of the treatment for which a claim is made.
    5. A detailed list of the individual medical services and treatments provided and a unit price for each.
    6. Prescriptions that name the Insured Person and in the case of drugs: the drugs prescribed, their price and a receipt for payment, Prescriptions must be submitted with the corresponding Doctors invoice.
    7. Original Death Certificate.
    8. Original Disability Certificate.
    9. Original Attested Post Mortem Report, if conducted
    10. Attested copy of FIR, Spot Panchanama & Police Inquest report, where applicable.