Vision & Mission


The CE Vision is to be a leader in educating, creating and graduating today's and tomorrows finest engineers! This includes investing in the intellectual and human capital of each individual student, focusing on both breadth and depth of knowledge, multidisciplinary, and integrated education, and meeting and exceeding current and future challenges in electrical and computer engineering. We envision providing the unique environment that fosters educational, research, technological, economic, cultural and social enrichment worldwide. We envision being the pioneers who understand educational challenges and market demands, and create top quality successful and sustainable programs and curricula for our students.


The CE Mission stems from the realization and fact that we recognize the demands of the global economy, the new dynamics of the world market, cultural differences and diversity. It is our mission to excel in:

  • Embracing knowledge and education.
  • Being recognized as a Department that offers the best and most unique programs in computer engineering, and preparing its graduates to assume leadership roles and social responsibility.
  • Providing an environment in which students are given the essential resources to address, research and solve real-world problems, participating in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and its applications.
  • Promoting active learning, critical thinking, and engineering judgment, coupled with business and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Offering internship, co-op and continuing education programs that produce top-notch graduates for the highest paid jobs.