Vision & Mission


The department's primary objective is the education of undergraduate students so that, upon graduation, they are prepared to take responsible entry-level positions in a wide range of industries. These include not only the traditional chemical and petroleum processing but also such "things" as biotechnology, consumer products, electronic materials, energy, food, polymers, pulp & paper, and the environment. They may be engaged in research, teaching, development, manufacturing, technical support, marketing, sales or project engineering and frequently enter engineering management later in their careers.


To be prepare students for professional practice, graduate study, and life long learning, and to advance the scientific and technological basis for chemical and environmental engineering practice Because of the rapidly changing technological society in which we live, today's chemical and environmental engineering graduates cannot be rooted into a single, standard mode of operation. They must be able to adapt readily to changing technologies and problem emphases, and develop creative solutions that are responsive to society as a whole. Thus, today's engineering students need to be rooted primarily in principles, not techniques.