About Placement

The Training and Placement Cell of the Institute centrally handles all aspects of campus placements for the graduating students of all Departments. The purpose of this cell is to counsel students and provide employment-readiness services that will meet the demands of a highly skilled workforce, thus creating interest and professionalism in the students. The Training & Placement Coordinators assist in arranging Pre-Placement Talks, Written Tests, Group Discussions, and Interviews etc. are made as per the requirements of the Organizations.

To ascertain better placements by maintaining effective contacts with various organizations,inviting them for campus drive and establishing new contacts with more companies that the evious years.

  • Identification of student’s potential and mapping their competencies.
  • Cataloguing the database of students (their specialization, interest and academic performance)

Placement Organization Structure

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Placement Committee


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Placement Officer

Prof. M.J.Rathod
OM Engineering College,Junagadh -362001

+91 99099 65571 tpo@omeducation.edu.in


Placement Coordinators

Department Coordinator Contact No Email
Civil Prof. Nikunj Hindocha +91 82005 89742 njhindocha@omeducation.edu.in
Computer Prof. Alpa Barad/Prof. Salman Patani +91 88662 72772 / +91 97232 89467 arbarad@omeducation.edu.in / sapatani@omeducation.edu.in
Electrial Prof. Dhaval Thesiya +91 90330 78414 dkthesiya@omeducation.edu.in
Mechanical Prof. Vishal Thakar/Prof. Ravi Movaliya +91 99799 49899 / +91 97253 83972 vcthakar@omeducation.edu.in / rbmovaliya@omeducation.edu.in
Chemical Prof. Salman M. Tabani +91 96870 57400 smtabani@omeducation.edu.in