SSME was formed on April 6th, 1988. It was inaugurated by Shri Pramod Kale, Director, Space Applications Centre, ISRO. The establishment of this society has fulfilled the aim of harnessing the scattered but enormous expertise of SAC engineers.


  • Promotion of Technological Developments in the field of Mechanical engineering within the framework of SAC activities.
  • Encouraging a wide spread dissemination of technical and other information; vide publications, exchange of ideas and conferences.
  • Calling experts in relevant fields, to enlighten the members on their subject of expertise.
  • Developing Spin-offs generated while working on projects, experiments etc.

  • Om Engineering College having collaboration with SSME for knowledge sharing and part of that we are doing many activities with SSME like,
    • Seminar on Rapid Prototyping
    • Seminar on Non contacting Measurement