Om At A Glance

Established in 2009, in the short span OM Engineering College and OM Institute of Engineering and Technology have grown as quality focused institutes in a zone. Ideally located away from the hustle-bustle of Junagadh city in a peaceful and natural surroundings. The institute has covered18 acres with lush green garden.

Having fully understood the importance of technical education of present time, the institute has always given the best opportunity to the students to know and grow. The institute bares no compromise with quality so far quality education and teaching are concerned. Apart from academic department, other teams are equally strong such as Placement, Industrial tie-ups, Competitive exams' preparation, Language Proficiency amongst others. The institute never overlooks the equally significant life factors like sports, culture, and entertainment. Institute has an unshakable and solid teamwork that makes it different from others.

What can be more to feel proud that over the years we have secured our position in GTU result along with 10 GTU IC Awarded achieved till date.