Library is an integral part and the nerve center of Om Engineering College, imparting its services to students, faculty and other staff members. It offers excellent library services in line with the objectives and mission of the institute. The primary mission of the library is to support the educational programs of the institute by providing physical and intellectual access to information, consistent with the present and the anticipated educational functions of the institute.
Library Policy


  • Be the knowledge hub of the college and disseminate knowledge as widely as possible.
  • Facilitate optimal use of knowledge by all.
  • Ensure easy access to the facilities available.
  • Encourage and foster reading habit.
  • Effectively participate in the teaching-learning program of the college.

In order to achieve these objectives the library will undertake to:-

  • To serve as the center of information for the college and provide easy access to national and global knowledge to all.
  • To offer an inviting and attractive reading-friendly atmosphere with proper seating arrangements and other amenities.
  • To ensure that staff and students are treated with courtesy and offered all assistance in their pursuit of knowledge.
  • To optimize it's potential to provide access to information and knowledge to all by proper display, categorization & classification of available resource materials.
  • To help all the users to develop the skills to make optimum use of all the facilities offered.
  • To undertake activities to foster the interest in books and increase involvement in the library.
  • The Library aims to put the motto: "Information is for use", into practice. The library houses Text books, Reference Books, E-books, Print & e-journals and magazines, News papers, CD/DVD, Course Material, Question Papers, Project Reports, Bound Volumes of Periodicals etc.
  • We take pride in saying that we have very good collection of recourses. Added to this, we have a wide collection of general books like. Literature, Motivational books, G.K. books, etc. which help to increase the knowledge of our students and Staff members in all different fields.

Library collection
Sr No. Department Total No. Of Volumes Total No. Of Title Magazine & Journls International E-Journals E-Book NPTEL Video
1 MECHANICAL 6782 254 10 4 185 290 106
2 CIVIL 3611 211 11 3 145 150 98
3 COMPUTER 2639 302 11 5 313 135 95
4 ELECTRICAL 4847 199 12 3 255 245 54
5 HUMANITIES & SCI. 3548 88 4 0 89 173 25
6 CHEMICAL 913 21 6 0 163 210 32
Total 22340 1075 54 15 1150 1203 410

Book Bank
Sr No. Department Total No. Of Volumes Total No. Of Title
1 MECHANICAL 4911 34
2 CIVIL 2608 34
3 COMPUTER 1776 30
4 ELECTRICAL 4085 44
5 HUMANITIES & SCI. 3075 10
6 CHEMICAL 908 17
Total 17363 169
  • Fully automated library.
  • Open Access System.
  • Seating Capacity: 90+.
  • Automated circulation.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity.
  • Digital Library.
  • Bound volumes of journals.
  • Access to thousands of e-books & e-journals.
  • IIT & NPTEL Video Lectures.
  • CCTV camera surveillance.
  • Quiet environment.
  • MOU with DELNET for online resources.
  • Disabled friendly building with ramp facility.
  • 9 hours of uninterrupted library service from 8.00 am to 05.00 pm.
  • Book Lending Service
  • Book Bank Facilities to all students.
  • Open Access System: The Library books have been computerized and users can search the documents through OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) by Title wise, Author wise, Subject wise etc., We are following OPEN ACCESS SYSTEM and the students can select the required books directly from the shelf for reference & borrowing purpose.
  • Reference Service / Referral Service: Library has a separate Reference section. Good collections of books for reference purposes are maintained. Reference books, Journals, Magazines, Project reports, Question papers, Placement materials, Course materials.
  • Web OPAC / Library Website
  • Online Access to E - Resources.
  • Access to thousands of e-books & e-journals.
  • New Arrivals Display.
  • Access and Issue of CD's & DVD's: Faculty and students are encouraged to borrow CD's & DVD's for issue. CD's & DVD's list is available in circulation section for reference.
  • Off campus Service through E - Mail: We have individual, group e-mail service, whenever we find new information useful to the particular community, details are sent through e-mail.
  • Magazine/Journal Service: Cover &Content Pages provided in soft copy by e-mail.
  • Reading Hall: Reading Hall with newspaper facility from 8.00am to 5.00 also provided to users. Library also receives 6 newspapers of major Indian Languages.
  • Document Scanning Facilities.
  • Grievances Box: A Grievances box is kept at the entrance of the library for eliciting not only complaints but constructive suggestions for improvement of library services. Valid feedback obtained through this source is promptly followed for implementation and improvements of service at the earliest.

Ms.Manisha Barvadiya


Mr.Hitesh Chothani



Mr.Bhupesh Deshani