Computer Center

The aim of Computer Centre is to bring about improvement in our students with modern technology and to enhance their learning skills through computer, software and new educational assets that will allow students to proceed at their own rate according to their ability. The Computer Centre offers to access a variety of computing resources for teaching, learning and research and also to access the Internet, Network and wi-fi in and around campus. Good number of high level computers is available for independent study of learning with efficient technical staff.

Special features of Computer Centre

  • 20 MBPS leased line internet connection
  • 100% open source software and operating system.
  • Network Management System providing authorized access to the network and internet resources to all Collage research scholars, students and staff.
  • Facilitate to conduct virtual classes through video conferencing
  • In house designing, development and maintenance of the college website.
  • Provides Wi-Fi Connection to various departments in the Campus.
  • Maintains the Firewall to provide network security, user creation, setting up policies to user groups in view of attaining optimum utilization of the available bandwidth.
  • Maintenance of EPABX intercom services.
  • The labs are set to create specialist environment required for students of Engineering. Computer Centre supports Latest configuration Nodes and High End Servers connected through latest switches.
  • Center is offering COMPUTER TRAINING PROGRAMS on Non-Formal courses in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology in association with CSI and OSTC.
  • Besides imparting training to general public, Business Men, House Wives, Students and Professionals the center also organize seminars, workshops and training programs for the benefit of Research Scholars, collage Staff, Faculty ,students , Administrator and Examination Branch.
  • Organizes weekly discussion sessions on a View of software with eminent scholars for students and faculties.
  • Provides technical support and assistance to students, faculty, and staff. Analyses problems and implements solutions, performs network and server administrator duties, and assures system stability, accessibility, and proper configuration of assigned technical systems and components.
  • Performs computer trouble-shooting to diagnose system problems; analyses hardware and software functionality; identifies, locates, resolves and repairs problems within scope of authority.
  • Monitors domain environment, resolves configuration and connectivity issues, and other traffic, security, and access problems; checks network for operating efficiency, makes corrective adjustments to data management settings, and assures system integrity; sets up and repairs network hardware.
  • Facilities:
    Om Engineering college data center has FTP server, connected on a high speed Gigabit Ethernet Fiber
  • Firewall:
    The Campus Network is protected using SONICWALL
  • E-mail system:
    The e-mail system, which is the most widely, used service on the Om College campus, offers a very user-friendly web based e-mail system allows users to access mails, both from inside the campus and outside.
  • Internet Connectivity:
    college has 20 Mbps dedicated Internet leased line offers high speed and uninterrupted Internet connectivity from anywhere on the campus, through the campus
  • Wi-Fi Facility:
    To provide flexibility & convenient access to network facilities Wi-Fi Network facilities has been provided at the various locations in campus
  • Video Conferencing Facility:
    College has an Internet based Video Conferencing Facility setup in the Auditorium. This facility is used for holding global seminars inviting eminent speakers, placement interviews, and virtual student seminars in various programs especially for International Management students.

Mr.Vivek Chovatiya

Network Administrator


Mr. Mehul Gujarati

Computer Operator