Expert Talk

:Expert talk on Function of Load Dispatch Center

The Load Dispatch Department is the nerve centre for the operation, planning, monitoring and control of the power system and main objectives of Load Dispatch Department are to co-ordinate generation, transmission and distribution of electricity from moment to moment to achieve maximum security and efficiency.

Seminar on Energy Conservation Awareness

Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA) Organize the Energy Conservation Awareness Seminar at our college to spread the awareness about Energy Conservation and it implement at all energy stages like extraction, conversion, distribution and consumption in all sectors of the economy. Also present, how to reduce the carbon emission for next generation.

Expert Talk on Squirrel Cage Induction Motor & Its Application

An Expert from ESSAR OIL (Jamnagar) came to our college, to deliver his 15 years of expertise on squirrel cage induction machine. This expert talk was arrange for 5th electrical degree and diploma students. Students have gone through practical aspects of squirrel cage induction machine like protection, operation & applications. It was a practical learning based expert talk & students have participated enthusiastically.

Expert Talk on PLC programming

we have done two day expert talk on PLC programming for students. in this students learned about what is PLC and where it can be used. after this session experts from the industries taught students how to program PLC for different purposes.

Expert Talk on electromagnetics

we have organized expert talk on recent trends in electromagnetic. as now a days electromagnetic is fast growing concept in industries. so from this talk students got knowledge about various scope and trends in electromagnetic field. students show various presentation about electromagnetic.