Department of ELECTRICAL engineering had organize the 2 days skill development workshop on PLC & ITS APPLICATION. PLC play a vital role in can manage and control entire industry to produce better and quick Response.Objective of the workshop is to give the hands on training of PLC & its programming to the students. At the end of the workshop students are very much clear about the use of PLC & its application in industry.

Workshop on Electrical Energy Conservation

This workshop is to make students familiar with the concept of energy conservation and reducing energy consumption through various techniques & technology. In this workshop student understands that how energy conservation is differs from efficient energy use, which refers to using less energy for a constant service.

Emerging Trend in EE by CADD Center Junagadh

After this seminar students became familiar with AutoCAD Electrical, Revit MEP and to get the knowledge about it & the future scope in this field as a Electrical Engineer.CADD Center Junagadh shear there field experience with the final year students.

one day workshop on matlab simulation

electrical department had organized one day workshop on matlab simulation. purpose behind this workshop was to give knowledge to student about matlab software and simulation also student learned how can it used for various purpose in industries.

Energy Conservation Awareness

the goal of this workshop is to aware people how we can save energy in our daily use. Experts came from Gujarat Energy Development Agency Gandhinagar to explain about energy conservation and what government is doing to save energy by implementing new project on renewable sources and how we can help.