Expert Talk

Working startegy with IT company

Department of computer engineering organized seminar on "working strategy with IT company" to get familier with environment of IT company. By conducting this seminar,student get idea about working nvironment of company what they should get knowledge before going to company.

GATE awareness seminar

Department of computer engineering organized seminar on "GATE awareness" for 5th and 7th semester degree students. Main purpose of this seminar is to make all the students aware about GATE and it's importance. At the end opf the seminar Students got idea about how to prepare for examination and what steps they need to taken before GATE exam.

Seminar on Cyber Security

Department of Computer engineering with GIC club has orgenize seminar for Cyber Security conducted by Prof.D.R.Kothadiya by on 24th july Our main purpose for the seminar is to make all the students familiar with Cyber Security. Prof. D.R.Kothadiya has provided his knowledge about cyber security and awareness for cyber crime how to stegnograph use in image and how it work.Students will get the idea about various implementation of cyber crime, Students may know how to be saif unauthorize cyber activity

Awareness Of Training & Placement Programme

By conducting this seminar,each students get knowledge about how to prepare for Apptitude test, Group discussion, person interview. How to appear interview and what are the key points they have to note before appearing interview.what are the basic concept they have to clear before interview.what are the policy of campus placement.

Talk on Entrepreneurship

Computer Department has organized on Entrepreneurship seminar for students. Prof. B.M.Garala has conducted seminar to familiar with Corporative word or global era of industrial environment and also give the guidance about startup, and how to become Entrepreneur.