Departments Events


Department of chemical engineering was organized Magic Show event. There were about 20 participants take parts into event. Here students have to make magic with the help of chemicals. Students presented the magnificent show of magic with chemical and shown the hand on fire, hard rock float on the water etc. Students understood importance of chemicals also importance of group work, presentation skill & creativity.


Department of chemical engineering was organized CHEMOCAR competition in event Spectrom-2017. There were about 50 participants take parts into chemical fuel car competition from all over Gujarat. It is a event of making a car with the fuel as a various chemical mixture. Participants have to pass two round mainly. 1St round distance is 10 m & 2nd round distance is 20 m. Other than this we also emphasis on design of car & environmental issues from it.

JUNKYARD - Best out of waste

In spectrom 2016, Junkyard is the event where students made some best from waste material it is one kind of reusability or recycling from existing materials. We organize this event to aware about recycling processing. More then 50 students participated in this event.


All the 280-300 participant (i.e. 90 to 100 teams) were gathered at 11:00am at Green Garden stage. Student coordinator revealed the rules and regulation of the game and 1st clue was given to all the teams. From the green garden all teams proceeded for finding further hints and treasure. The clues were hidden all over the campus.

Spectrom - Magic show

20th of February, Department of chemical engineering was organized Magic Show event. Students were given their performance based on their knowledge. Magic show imply to extract & test the chemical skills and also to bring out the creativity of the participants. It helps in to improve knowledges of chemistry of the students.